Live Casino Technology

live casino

The latest technologies are transforming gambling online and the industry is making rapid progress. But one area that has adapted fastest is live casino, a form of virtual gaming that uses video cameras and audio to bring players a more authentic experience than ever before.

Live casinos can be played on a variety of platforms including desktop, mobile and tablet. The software used to create the games takes care of everything in the background, leaving players free to enjoy the game and chat with other players. The experience is similar to that of playing in a land casino. There’s a dealer or croupier who deals cards and spins the wheel and players can place bets by clicking buttons. The dealer’s movements are then streamed in real time and the result is shown on the screen.

To get the most authentic live casino experience, gamers need a high-quality video camera and a reliable Internet connection. The games are recorded in specially designed studios or at venues in genuine casinos and players can feel like they’re sitting at a blackjack table in Vegas or on the green felt top of a roulette wheel.

The newest live casino technology has been developed to improve the quality of the video footage, make it easier to use and reduce the delay in betting results. For example, OCR (optical character recognition) software is getting a lot of attention for its applications in medical or insurance fields but it’s already an established part of live casino technology, used to track symbols on the cards or numbers on the roulette wheels.

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